20+ System Improvements for the Finance Team – Toolkit (70 page Whitepaper + e-templates)

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20+ System Improvements for the Finance Team – Toolkit (70 page Whitepaper + e-templates)

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Covering systems improvements with accounts payable, reporting, forecasting and planning, intranet, and using your own general ledger better. These changes will increase effectiveness and cost efficient operations for the finance team. This comprehensive whitepaper comes with electronic templates to assist you with implementation.

Product Description

Corporate accountants are running teams that have procedures more akin with Charles Dickens era than the 21st century. Whilst many organisations in the USA have been investing in technology and appropriate tools to create a truly paperless office, many of us have watched, as if disinterested or more likely confused. What is appropriate? What should I implement?

The guessing is now over. This toolkit will help you to accept and embrace technology in all the areas that affect the finance team, accounts payable, reporting, Board reporting, forecasting, intranet, sales reporting, costing systems, etc.

Far too often accountants spend all their time and resources implementing yet another GL upgrade or replacement which at best generates little, at worst, little or no decision based information.

The lack of appreciation of system enhancements will, if it has not already, become career limiting for the CFO. This toolkit will reveal the pathway blazed ahead by far seeing corporate accountants in both hemispheres.

This whitepaper is updated at the time of purchase by David Parmenter ensuring that it contains his latest thinking. The whitepaper is printed at the time of purchase to ensure it has David’s latest thinking and air-mailed to the reader. The e-templates are emailed.

Why you need this toolkit:

  • You haven’t the time to disseminate all the information from the better practices adopted by leading finance teams. I have been gathering better practices for over 25 years.
  • Easy to use templates – which can be in use immediately.
  • Make a lasting impression with the CEO by revolutionizing finance team processes significantly reducing costs.
  • Improve the profile and job satisfaction of finance staff.
  • To help sell the need for 21st century systems within the finance team.
  • To show you how to apply the lessons learnt from implementing these systems

It will answer the following questions:

  • Why should my finance team migrate away from our reliance on Excel?
  • What are the major systems I should invest in first?
  • What are the accounts payable initiatives that give the biggest bang for their buck?
  • When should I replace our G/L?
  • You say I should avoid upgrading my G/L.  Why?

Look Inside

Table of Contents


2.The impact of better systems on the accounts team’s workload

3.Move to a paperless A/P operation

4.Improving reporting systems

5.The need for a planning tool

6.Maximising the use by the finance team of the intranet

7.Advantages in investing in an intranet

8.Reporting Sales

9.Yesterday’s sales report

10.Reporting weekly key customer’s sales

11.Other areas to look at…

12.G/L initiatives

13.Presenter biography

14.Appendix 1 Electronic invoicing at Johnson & Johnson

15.Appendix 2 Guidelines for electronic invoicing

16.Appendix 3 How to scan instructions

17.Appendix 4 Purchase Card Guide from UK

18.Appendix 5 Purchase Cardholder Rules and Responsibilities

19.Appendix 6 internet search for consolidation + software

20.Appendix 7 Balanced scorecard + freeware


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