Electronic media from David Parmenter’s “The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success”


Electronic media from David Parmenter’s “The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success”

USD $99.00 USD $69.00

Due to readers requests, I am making available all templates used in The Leading-Edge Managers Guide to Success. This will save Leading-Edge Managers the burden of starting from scratch. All Agendas, Checklists, Toolkits for USD$125. With these toolkits, I will provide free of charge, all report formats on the basis that I hold no liability for the accuracy of the spreadsheets or how you use them.

Product Description

All templates in the book + additional PowerPoint presentations

In the book, I have many templates, checklists, workshop templates, PowerPoint slide decks, one page report formats to help the reader. Readers will find it cost beneficial to purchase the electronic versions, thus avoiding a time consuming formatting exercise. As I only make USD$1.50 per book, I need to sell the electronic versions as they represent over USD$30,000 of my time over the years I have developed them.

The electronic templates include:

  • Personal baggage checklist
  • Locating a mentor checklist
  • Move or stay put checklist
  • Treasure mapping checklist
  • Pros and cons decision making schedule
  • Checklist for making your email usage more efficient
  • Selecting a good management course checklist
  • Work & home life balance planner
  • Time management checklist
  • End of week checklist
  • Quality assurance checklist
  • Better practice graphics checklist
  • PowerPoint presentation checklist
  • Interview checklist
  • Behavioral change 13 week planner
  • Getting things done 13 week planner
  • Performance review checklist
  • Team off-site meeting agenda
  • Cost of downsizing
  • 14 great interview questions
  • Internal control checklist
  • Developing strategic relationships with key suppliers checklist
  • Consulting assignment checklist
  • Being a better manager checklist
  • KPI reporting templates
  • Checklist for identifying organisational critical success factors
  • Culture change checklist
  • One page Board dashboard
  • Checklist for preparing a board paper
  • One page report formats
  • Performance pay scheme checklist
  • Takeover or merger checklist
  • Re-organisation checklist
  • Locking in good leadership habits checklist
  • Staff satisfaction survey
  • Staff recognition letters
  • 360-degree feedback

Thank you for your interest in the intellectual property I have developed. I will send you the electronic media you have purchased as soon as I have received confirmation from PayPal.