E-templates from David Parmenter’s “The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success”


E-templates from David Parmenter’s “The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success”

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Due to readers requests, I am making available all the templates used in The Leading-Edge Managers Guide to Success. This will save Leading-Edge Managers the burden of starting from scratch.

You can purchase a more up to date version of this material from here.

Product Description

All E-templates in the book + additional PowerPoint presentations

The electronic templates include:

  • Personal baggage checklist
  • Locating a mentor checklist
  • Move or stay put checklist
  • Treasure mapping checklist
  • Pros and cons decision making schedule
  • Checklist for making your email usage more efficient
  • Selecting a good management course checklist
  • Work & home life balance planner
  • Time management checklist
  • End of week checklist
  • Quality assurance checklist
  • Better practice graphics checklist
  • PowerPoint presentation checklist
  • Interview checklist
  • Behavioral change 13 week planner
  • Getting things done 13 week planner
  • Performance review checklist
  • Team off-site meeting agenda
  • Cost of downsizing
  • 14 great interview questions
  • Internal control checklist
  • Developing strategic relationships with key suppliers checklist
  • Consulting assignment checklist
  • Being a better manager checklist
  • KPI reporting templates
  • Checklist for identifying organisational critical success factors
  • Culture change checklist
  • One page Board dashboard
  • Checklist for preparing a board paper
  • One page report formats
  • Performance pay scheme checklist
  • Takeover or merger checklist
  • Re-organisation checklist
  • Locking in good leadership habits checklist
  • Staff satisfaction survey
  • Staff recognition letters
  • 360-degree feedback

Testimonial on this book  (Amazon)

The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success should be on every manager’s or managers-to-be reading list. It’s a very practical guide that covers all aspects of being a successful leader. From creating a vision of what you want to achieve and freeing yourself from personal baggage to creating winning habits, managing and improving teams, developing winning key performance indicators and much more. Just about everything is covered, from productivity improvements such as better time management to reorganisation issues.

David has a great, easy-to-read writing style. He draws from his own experiences and uses real-life examples, as well as some of his heroes, like Sir Ernest Shackleton, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Sir Winston Churchill, to illuminate the ideas and points that he makes. These real-life examples make the subject much more engaging.

The book is written in a way that you could read from cover to cover or dip in at certain parts that you want to focus on. David has included practical ways on how you can implement the ideas and concepts in the book, including checklists that can be used as part of an implementation plan. He also gives guidance on how you can ensure that new projects are fully supported within the business to give them a much greater chance of being successfully completed.

Even if you have already taken leadership courses, I believe there is something here for everyone. It is a complete toolkit of practical advice, ideas, and inspiration to improve your leadership skills and development.

Thank you for your interest in the intellectual property I have developed. I will send you the electronic media you have purchased as soon as I have received confirmation from PayPal.