Winning Leadership: A Model on Leadership For The Millennial Manager – Toolkit (120 page PDF whitepaper + e-templates)


Winning Leadership: A Model on Leadership For The Millennial Manager – Toolkit (120 page PDF whitepaper + e-templates)

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“What makes a good leader?” I was asked across a dinner table. To answer this you need to understand what makes a serving leader. You need to acquire the qualities and character that make people want to follow you over “the top of the trenches”.

My interest in leadership stemmed from a chance encounter with the book “Shackleton Way” by Margot Morell and Stephanie Capparell[i].  I created a model that described Shackleton’s successful leadership.  I then studied other leaders of the past and noted that their success or failure were predicted by the model.

Subsequently, this model was amended as a result of a leadership think tank.  It emerged that it is imperative to separate those leadership behaviour traits that need to be in your DNA from those skills that can be learnt. In the think tank we came up with eight behaviour traits that need to be in your DNA and fifteen skills that can be learnt.

[i] Margot Morrell and Stephanie Capparell,  “Shackleton’s Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer”, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2003

Shackleton is arguably one of the greatest serving leaders ever and provides the backbone of this simple leadership model. He looked after the comforts of the team.  He was a mother hen. He genuinely cared for his team members as if they were his own flesh and blood. He saw a leader as one who served rather than one who was served. He dutifully took his turn performing the most menial of chores and expected his leadership team to do the same. He was “a Viking with a mother’s heart.”

Having studied these leaders I realized that one is unlikely to succeed unless you have built your foundation stones well enough, learned the lessons and put into practice the traits of a serving leader.

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Product Description

This toolkit is updated, three to four times a year, by David Parmenter ensuring that it contains his latest thinking. The PDF whitepaper and e-templates are emailed.

The purpose of this paper is threefold:

  1. To help guide millennial managers into improving their leadership while, at the same time, indicating to them the leadership potential they possess.
  2. To act as a guide when recruiting candidates for senior leadership positions in large enterprises.
  3. To help CEO’s select their successor.

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Why you need this toolkit:

  • It takes more effort to be a poor or incompetent leader than it does to be a successful one. This is your guide to the easy road.
  • You haven’t the time to disseminate all the information from all the great leaders, both past and present – I have spent much time over the last 10 years doing this for you.
  • This toolkit is about creating a change in your leadership, it includes a 13 week reminder which will help this change process.
  • Leaving a legacy defines who we are and what we have achieved. The toolkit will introduce you to techniques that will have a profound impact on all your staff.
  • Through an understanding of the eight leadership traits you will be able to assess how far your leadership can and should go.

This toolkit will help you answer the following questions:

  • What are my strengths?
  • How do I score against winning leaders?
  • How do you recruit more successfully?
  • Should I be a specialist or focus on management
  • What are the behavioural traits of highly successful leaders?
  • What can I do to limit the damage from my own personal baggage?
  • What is my legacy, my Ikigai?
  • What are the best books to read on leadership?
  • Why should I adopt scrum meetings?
  • How can I sell change more effectively?
  • What are the three Ts and five rules of delegation?
  • Why is embracing abandonment so important?
  • Why is having a safe-haven so important to a leader?

The E-Templates include:

  • Score Yourself Against Winning Leaders
  • A Simplistic Talent Scorecard to help find your strengths
  • Checklist on the people skills to master
  • Checklist on the personal skills to master
  • 14 Great Questions to Help Get Select ‘A’ Players
  • Delivering Bulletproof PowerPoint Presentations Checklist
  • Locking in Good Leadership Habits Checklist
  • Jack Welch’s Strategy Slide Deck
  • Delegation checklist

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