Electronic media from David Parmenter’s KPIs For Government and Non Profit Agencies”


Electronic media from David Parmenter’s KPIs For Government and Non Profit Agencies”

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Due to readers requests, I am making available all templates used in the KPI book. This will save KPI teams the burden of starting from scratch. All Agendas, Checklists, Toolkits for USD$125. With these toolkits, I will provide free of charge, all report formats on the basis that I hold no liability for the accuracy of the spreadsheets or how you use them.

Product Description

All templates in the book + additional PowerPoint presentations

In the book, I have many templates, checklists, workshop templates, PowerPoint slide decks, one page report formats to help the reader. Readers will find it cost beneficial to purchase the electronic versions, thus avoiding a time consuming formatting exercise. As I only make USD$1.50 per book, I need to sell the electronic versions as they represent over USD$30,000 of my time over the years I have developed them.

The electronic templates include:

  • Indicative KPI roll-out time frame template
  • Agenda and content of a two day critical success factor workshop
  • The workshop exercises
  • Sphere of influence mapping template
  • KPI reporting formats
  • Questionnaire on employees’ view on KPIs
  • Employee concerns and learning issues worksheet
  • Agenda for staff roadshow to promote KPI project
  • Marketing the KPI system to all employees checklist
  • Half-day workshop timetable for the senior management team to sell the KPI project
  • One day KPI focus group on CSFs and associated performance measures
  • One day focus group agenda and timetable
  • Senior management team commitment checklist
  • Senior management team questionnaire
  • Selecting a facilitator checklist
  • KPI development strategy checklist
  • KPI development strategy worksheet
  • The KPI project facilitator’s role checklist
  • Establishing a KPI project team checklist
  • Establishing a KPI project team questionnaire
  • KPI 360-degree questionnaire
  • “Just do it” KPI project checklist
  • “Just do it” KPI project worksheet
  • Job description for the KPI team leader
  • Workshop preparation checklist
  • Draft of the CEO invitation to attend the two day critical success factors workshop
  • Common critical success factors and their likely measures for government and non-profit agencies
  • Preparing a list of draft operational success factors checklist
  • List of common operational success factors (broken down by different types of entities- hospital, school/university, local municipality, police force, armed forces, development bank, tax collecting agencies, professional body, government department)
  • List of common outcome statements
  • Agenda and timetable for a two day critical success factor workshop
  • Instructions for the break out exercises in the critical success factors workshop
  • A list of empty words sourced from Stacey Barr’s work
  • Wording of measures exercise template
  • Characterizing measures template
  • Proposed agenda for the staff KPI workshop
  • Exercises in the staff KPI workshop
  • Understanding of the organisation’s critical success factors worksheet
  • Checklist to ensure you have a successful staff workshop
  • Key tasks for recording performance measures
  • Checking KPIs against the 7 characteristics

A list of performance measures suitable for government and non-profit agencies

  • A list of 300 vetted performance measures

The PowerPoint templates

  • A strategy PowerPoint slide deck
  • Selling the KPI project to the CEO
  • Selling the KPI project to the staff in your organisation

PDF version of updated chapters

  • As the book is six years old, I have included some additional updated chapters reflecting my latest work. It is unlikely that this edition will be re-published.


Thank you for your interest in the intellectual property I have developed. I will send you the electronic media you have purchased as soon as I have received confirmation from PayPal.