Mini Toolkit: Winning Personal Habits for the Millennial to Master


Mini Toolkit: Winning Personal Habits for the Millennial to Master

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From lessons gathered from forty years of observation, reading and discovery. I have broken the winning personal habits into the following categories. 

  • Creating Behavioural Traits That Will Make You A Better Person and Leader, including how to minimise personal baggage, improving decision making.
  • Using Neuro Linguistic Programming to Achieve Greatness, including how to create your future through treasure-mapping.
  • Safety Net, includes the importance of having a cluster of mentors and a safe-haven. 
  • Maintaining Effective Relationships, includes how to handle those difficult ones.

This unique implementation working guide covers some of the techniques you can replicate to improve your behavioural habits. The 25 page working guide comes with some electronic media, eg: templates, and checklists to assist in a swift implementation. I have spent around US$20,000 researching, writing and testing this working guide. I guarantee, if you purchase, read, and act you will save many times the cost of this guide.

This working guide gives you the answers to the following questions:

  • How to win habits for success?
  • How to create winning habits?
  • How to master successful personal habits?

Product Description

Written by international writer, David Parmenter. This working guide will transform the lives of you and your team through the adoption of practices your peers have used successfully who come from top performing teams around the world.

The contents of this working guide is as follows:

  • Creating behavioural traits that will make you a better person and leader
    • Advanced self-awareness
    • Self-regulation
    • Hostmanship
    • Empathy
    • Humility—treat everyone as equals
    • Improve your decision-making ability
    • Seeing future opportunities
    • Maintain your learning agility
  • Using neuro linguistic programming to achieve greatness
    • Neuro linguistic programming
    • Treasure mapping – a way to use NLP
    • The Winner’s Bible
  • Safety net
    • Have a cluster of mentors
    • Having a safe-haven – a second passion
    • Do not run out of fuel
  • Maintaining effective relationships
    • Giving recognition freely
    • “One-minute manager” reprimand
    • Embrace dissidents
    • Aim to have at least three breaks a week with colleagues, peers, and dissidents
    • Managing difficult relationships

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