Mini Toolkit: Time is on my side, yes, it is -Tricks for Time Pressured Millennials


Mini Toolkit: Time is on my side, yes, it is -Tricks for Time Pressured Millennials

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I was promised by my religious education teacher that by the time I reached fifty I would be working a four-day week. The Americans had just landed on the moon, with less than the computer capacity of your smartwatch. My teacher was certain that the technological advances would be used so ably and willingly by us that it was inconceivable that we would not have an extra day of recreation. Has this happened?
We have a brewery in New Zealand called Tui, and they have an advertising campaign called “Yeah right.”, and one of their billboards could read “I use technology so efficiently that I have a four-day week. Yeah right”. In other words, we are not using technology properly. You only have to look at your emails to concur with me that we’re stuffing it up.

When I was in my thirties, the king of time management was Stephen Covey. He wrote the book “First thing’s first”, and developed an international training programme that hundreds of thousands of people attended, including myself.  What I have discovered, is that with the passing of Stephen Covey, a whole generation of people have not been exposed to time management principles leading to an epidemic of time-poor practices. I discovered this when I wrote an article for Accountants in Business on time management. It created far more feedback than all my other articles put together.

I have been lucky to have been exposed to many old-school managers who were “ruthless with time and chivalrous with people”. In this working guide I share with you their words of wisdom.  The working guide contains 20-30 pages designed to help readers to implement quick wins that will save their team time.  The working guide comes with some electronic media, eg: templates, and checklists to assist you get Time on your side. I have spent around US$20,000 researching, writing and testing this working guide. I guarantee, if you purchase, read, and act you will save many times the cost of this guide.

This working guide gives you the answers to the following questions:

  • What is time management?
  • What are time management skills?
  • What are time management tips for achieving your skills?
  • What are ways to improve your time management skills?
  • The secret to having enough time

Product Description

Written by international writer, David Parmenter. This working guide will transform the lives of you and your team through the adoption of practices your peers have used successfully who come from top performing teams around the world.

This working guide covers:

  • The Good News- You Have More Time Than You Think
  • First Things First
  • Why You Should Eat a Frog Every Morning
  • Importance of Abandonment at Home and at Work
  • Have Two, Two-Hour Blocks of Time Every Day
  • Balancing Customers’ Needs with Your Effective Time Management
  • 15 Second Rule for Short Term “To Do” Actions
  • Adopt the Golden Rules for Handling Emails
  • Move to a Stand-Up Desk with Three Screens
  • Culling Your Time Spent in Meetings
  • Adopting Scrum Stand-Up Project Meetings
  • Adopt “Action Meetings” Methods
  • Blue Sky Fridays -Working from Home
  • Suggested rules for a blue-sky Friday
  • Working from home
  • Have a Meditation Walk During the Day
  • To Decide or Not to Decide
  • Advice from The Past
  • Frame Your Decisions
  • Automate as Many Decisions as Possible
  • Sleep and Decision Making
  • Why the Law of Attraction Can Make You More Time Efficient
  • Knowing Which Road, You Are Travelling on Will Save You Time
  • Next Steps

This working guide will make you more productive and give you more control over your day. These working guides are sent as a PDF copy, normally within 48 hours of payment.

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