The Hidden Costs of Reorganizations and Downsizing

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Far too often, the members of the senior management team have been silent when a reorganization is muted by the CEO. Someone needs to be the voice of reason and talk sense to the board and senior management team. It could be you. This working guide will hopefully make the reader aware as to why they need to be very vocal and take steps to prevent these costly mistakes. The research was made on my journey to writing The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success.

This unique implementation working guide covers the reasons why a reorganization can cost too much. The working guide contains 10 pages designed to help readers to check their step before they support another reorganisation.  The working guide comes with some electronic checklists to assist your evaluation. I have spent around US$20,000 researching, writing and testing these working guides. I guarantee, if you purchase, and read this guide you will be more cautious and save your organization  thousands.

This working guide gives you the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the hidden costs of reorganizations?
  • What is the real cost of reorganizing?
  • Why a reorganization may be bad for your health?
  • What are the disadvantages of downsizing?

Product Description

Written by international writer, David Parmenter. This working guide will transform the lives of you and your team through the adoption of practices your peers have used successfully who come from top performing teams around the world.


  • Ramifications and Associated Costs
  • An Addiction to Reorganizations
  • Typical Reasons for a Reorganization
  • Reorganizing to Remove Certain Staff
  • Reorganizing to Improve Efficiency
  • Reorganizing to Improve Service
  • Reorganizing to Show There Is a New CEO
  • There Are Alternatives to a Major Reorganization
  • Remove the Targeted Staff
  • Appoint a CEO Who Is a Successful Change Agent
  • Move Buildings
  • Rotate Offices
  • Improve the Leadership from Within
  • A Checklist to Put You off a Reorganization
  • Hidden Costs of Downsizing

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