Mini Toolkit: How To Sell and Lead Change


Mini Toolkit: How To Sell and Lead Change

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This working guide covers the works of Steve Zaffron and David Logan in their book “The three laws of performance”, that explains why so many change initiatives have failed; as well as covering Harry Mill’s work “The Aha! Advantage” where the topic of self-persuasion is discussed. Also of note is John Kotter’s 1996 bestseller “Leading Change” which discusses and eight stage process for creating major change within an organization, including establishing a sense of urgency and creating a guiding coalition.

This unique implementation working guide covers some of the techniques you can replicate to sell and lead change effectively. The working guide contains 10 pages designed to help readers to implement change effectively.  The working guide comes with some electronic media, eg: templates, and checklists to assist in a swift implementation. I have spent around US$20,000 researching, writing and testing this working guide. I guarantee, if you purchase, read, and act you will save many times the cost of this guide.

This working guide gives you the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the most effective ways to sell change?
  • What do good executives know about selling change?
  • How to sell change in the workplace?
  • How to sell organizational change?
  • Examples of leading change in the workplace
  • What is change management?
  • How to promote change in the workplace?
  • How to lead change in the workplace?
  • How to initiate change in an organization?
  • How to promote change in an organization?

Product Description

Written by international writer, David Parmenter. This working guide will transform the lives of you and your team through the adoption of practices your peers have used successfully who come from top performing teams around the world.


  • Overview
  • Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan
  • Harry Mills
  • John Kotter
  • The Selling to the Senior Management Team
  • Learn to Sell by Using the Emotional Drivers of the Buyer
  • The Elevator Speech
  • Deliver a Compelling Burning Platform Presentation
  • The Power of the Focus Group

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