Getting Performance Bonus Schemes to Work

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Performance bonus schemes can be seen as an annual entitlement, be very costly, create endless arguments and not lead to notable improved performance. This working guide explores the foundation stones senior management must be aware of if they are involved in designing or fixing a bonus scheme.

The working guide contains 10 pages designed to help readers to implement bonus schemes that can work.  The working guide comes with some electronic templates and checklists to assist in a swift implementation. I have spent around US$20,000 researching, writing and testing these working guides. I guarantee, if you purchase, read, and act you will save many times the cost of this guide. The research was made on my journey to writing The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success.

This working guide gives you the answers to the following questions:

  • How to incentivise your staff with a bonus scheme?
  • How to structure an employee bonus scheme that will work?
  • How can bonus schemes be used as an employee benefit?
  • What are the advantages of bonus schemes?
  • What are the different types of employee bonus schemes?


Product Description


Written by international writer, David Parmenter. This working guide will transform the lives of you and your team through the adoption of practices your peers have used successfully who come from top performing teams around the world.


  • Background
  • Bonus Scheme Foundation Stones
  • Avoid Tying to a Future Target
  • Exclude Super Profits
  • Free from Unearned Adjustments
  • Apply the Full Cost of Capital
  • At-Risk Portion of Salary Separate from the Scheme
  • Avoid Any Linkage to the Share Price
  • Make Bonuses Team-Based Rather Than Individual Based
  • Avoid the Annual Entitlement
  • Linked to a Balanced Performance
  • Exclude Unrealized Gains
  • Test Scheme to Minimize Manipulation
  • Avoid Links KPIs

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