Finding your Organization’s Critical Success Factors – Implementation Guide (PDF whitepaper 115 pages+ electronic templates)


Finding your Organization’s Critical Success Factors – Implementation Guide (PDF whitepaper 115 pages+ electronic templates)

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Have a profound impact on your organization – Find your CSFs. This paper will help you find your organization’s Critical Success Factors (CSFs) the impact on performance measures, prioritization of activities and the elimination of unproductive processes is very profound. Comprehensive checklists, workshop agendas and templates (also received electronically) will help you move forward.

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Product Description

Finding Your organization’s Critical success Factors — Toolkit with Electronic Templates

“It is the CSFs, and the performance measures within them, that link daily activities to the organization’s strategies. This, I believe, is the El Dorado of management.”

Whilst the importance of an organization knowing its critical success factors appears so obvious it has largely bypassed management’s focus. Ask any CEO “What are you critical success factors” and out will pour a list, ask the next day and the list will be different, as will the list from any other senior management team member. In other words while management know what their organization’s success factors are they have not yet determined which ones are critical.

The secret of aligning staff to the organizations strategic objectives, mission and strategy through the CSFs has been known for years by Toyota, that is why they have been so successful.

Whilst most organizations know their success factors, few organizations have:

  • worded their success factors appropriately
  • segregated out success factors from their strategic objectives
  • sifted through the success factors to find their critical ones – their critical success factors
  • communicated the critical success factors to staff

In these trying times knowing your CSFs maybe the deciding factor in survival. If your organization has not completed a thorough exercise to know its critical success factors (CSFs) performance management cannot possibly function. Performance measurement, monitoring and reporting will be a random process creating an army of ‘measurers’ producing numerous numbing reports, full of measures which monitor progress in a direction very remote from the organization’s strategy.

This PDF whitepaper has been updated with David Parmenter latest work connected to his 4th edition of his bestselling KPI book. The e-templates are emailed with the PDF whitepaper.

Please click here to look inside the toolkit.

Why you need this toolkit:

  • You can implement CSFs with a proven method without consultants
  • Knowing, communicating and measuring progress in an organisation’s CSFs is the El Dorado of management, the ‘Holy Grail’ and you will be forever remembered for this profound legacy.
  • Knowing your CSFs will lead to the discovery of your organizations ‘winning KPIs’
  • Knowing your CSFs will reduce Staff meetings, reports and tasks as they will be challenged for their validity. All activities that have no direct link to the critical success factors will be seen as non critical. Over time meetings and reports that occurred because we did it last week/month will disappear.
  • Knowing your CSFs will reduce the number of performance measures as those measures that do not relate to your CSFs, or impact on them cannot, by definition be important and thus can often be eliminated
  • Staff throughout your organization can align their daily activities with the CSFs and strategic initiatives.
  • The CEO will forever grateful as they see the benefit of the daily linkage to front line staff.


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