Working guide: Don’t Say That I Didn’t Tell You: Advice from a father to his 20-something-year-old-daughters


Working guide: Don’t Say That I Didn’t Tell You: Advice from a father to his 20-something-year-old-daughters

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I have written a book called “Don’t say I never told you.”  t was spurred on by the sudden death of a friend, who was younger and fitter than myself.  I realised it could happen to me and my daughters would not be able to phone me for advice.  This book has short pieces of advice aimed at my millennial daughters, with also any millennial reader who has yet to hit 40.  It contains advice on a wide variety of topics that you will face.

Over the years I have had many old wise mentors and this book is a collection of their advice along with my observations.

The past has great lessons to offer. Whilst technology and the evolving pace of change may lead millennials to thinking that what is ahead of them is unique. In fact, it has all happened before. The problems such as:

  • buying your first home
  • buying your first car
  • finding a life partner worth keeping
  • handling a tyrant of a boss
  • finding the right job for you
  • having a resilient career
  • managing people
  • being effective with your time
  • handling anger
  • developing skills that further your career
  • having hobbies and interests that provide you with a safe haven
  • how to avoid being sold a pup when going for a job
  • how to be calm in a crisis

have all been successfully overcome by many wise people who are now dead or certainly too old to be involved in Twitter feeds, blogs, Instagram.

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Below is the table of contents:

Health & Well-Being When thinking negatively think of something else
Use self recognition – life is too short to be mean to yourself
Only suckers work through lunch
Never compare yourself with anyone
The only time you have control over the day is first thing in the morning
Cider vinegar and honey
Have a spiritual centre to guide you on drug use
Handling the pressure
Family and Friends How to find a good flatmate
Do not go out if you are not prepared to buy a round of drinks
Social media does not create life long friends
Have a coffee or a drink with a friend twice a week
Never ghost an ex-friend
You can always find time to attend a funeral
Never have your phone on the restaurant table unless you want to be a dick
Forget your families’ and best friends’ birthdays at your peril
The difference between a friend with a problem and a problem friend
How to buy a good wine in a wine shop
Your Other Half Hobbies and dining clubs are a good place to look for a like minded partner
Beware of eye candy that has a smooth tongue
Be knowledgeable under the sheets
Never let lawyers write to each other on a separation /divorce
If you have not had sex with your partner for a month you have a problem
Great sex can never paper over the cracks of incompatibility
The grass is seldom greener on the other side
Relationships have their use by date (7 hours, 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months, 7 years, 77 years 777 years)
If your are swapping bodily fluids get the blood tests  done
Don’t give up on a long term relationship unless you have had a series of counselling sessions
Get to know their parents so you can see what their DNA is like
A leopard cannot change its spots or their moral compass
Jealousy is a sign of possessiveness
There are over 60,000 life partners waiting to be found
Separate with style
Binge drinking once a month, let alone once a week is a problem
Career Planning How to avoid being sucked in by a Walter Mitty  (a compulsive  liar)
How to handle a bully of a boss
Choosing the right competing job offer
Choose your boss with more care than you choose your last boyfriend
Get into management ASAP
Learn interviewing techniques
Make sure your career becomes a hedgehog
Think how you want to be remembered
 Finding a great job
Personal Development Have a treasure map to give your life direction
Use the law of attraction to turbo charge your life
Facing tough times
Minimise your personal baggage
Go on an anger management course
Give unconditional apologies
Time management tips
Embrace the old their wisdom is priceless
How the mighty fall – the danger of hubris
 Have a clean car- you will get to enjoy it
Winning Work Habits Never compromise on integrity
Challenge conformity
Go where angels fear to tread
Be calm in a crisis
Avoid becoming a self taught millennium – recognise the need for 40 hours of structured training each year
Avoid being a news junkie
Power dressing
Get a cluster of mentors behind you
How to find a great manager
Preparing for your performance review
Quality assurance checks you need to do on all your reports
Avoid making enemies- the world is too small
Write a recognition letter a month to a supplier that went the extra mile
Agile habits to master
Never move a meeting you need to have – it puts the problem into your future
Golden rules for emails (never  look at  emails before  10:30 AM etc)
Always greet your guests at reception (hostmanship)
Networking tricks
Be good on your feet
Somehow avoid attending meetings that have no purpose
Learn how to sell change
Love they neighbour as thy self
Have blue sky Fridays
Be a finisher
Look for the future that has already happened
Be a disciple of Peter Drucker
The importance of Peter Drucker’s abandonment
Using consultants effectively on projects
Position your career so it is a hedgehog, a great protective layer
Become an expert of Word and PowerPoint by attending some training
Beware of spreadsheets over 100 rows
Beware of becoming a workaholic
Other ways to save time in meetings
30 rules for a “killer” presentation
Why you should eat a frog every morning
Have two, two-hour blocks of time every day to move a project forward
Allocate time to your rocks (key tasks) rather than the pebbles and sand (emails)
 Avoid becoming a self taught millennium
 You and Your Money Pay off your mortgage in 15 years
Seek expert advice when you are buying a house
Follow Warren Buffet’s advice on investments
When to get out of the stock market
Useful borrowing rules
Never sell your crown jewels
Avoid a holiday home, caravan or motorhome
Half your age is the benchmark of the percentage of your net annual salary you should be saving
Never mix old family money with your partner e.g. Debbie
Don’t own a rental more than 60 minutes drive from where you live
Avoid buying a house at the top of a property cycle
20 tips when buying your first home
Buy well buy once
Visualise what you want in a house
When buying a car remember you know nothing about cars- get some advice
Managing People Go on a week manager training residential course before managing staff
Learn how to hold scrum meetings
Be a follower of action meetings
Improve your decision-making ability
Off-site team meetings
Get into managing people ASAP – it is worth the pain
Have sunshine days in your team
When recruiting look for values – a leopard can never change their spots
Recruitment is a life and death decision
Hobbies and Interests Travelling abroad-survival tips
Learning how to cook like Jamie Oliver
Develop a safe haven, at least two hobbies you can fall back to when times get tough
Avoid Netflix series if you want to achieve
 DIY and enjoy  Get a cluster of trades people and look after them
 Get a fixed  quote for large jobs
Learn to fix things
When restoring a house have a week on and week off cycle


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