Disillusionment to Enlightenment: How to turbo charge your career – Toolkit (110 page whitepaper + e-templates)


Disillusionment to Enlightenment: How to turbo charge your career – Toolkit (110 page whitepaper + e-templates)

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At school, you were a rock star. You loved University, but now disillusionment has set in. Your job is not what you thought it would be. You are at a loss. You don’t know where it all went wrong.

Good news. Bad news. The good news is you are not alone. You must remember that school and University were a protected environment. You are now in the real world. Your career will take off in due course. This toolkit will help you shorten the learning curve.

The bad news. We would all like to think that work could be fun all the time. However, as Graeme Dingle once said, life is 90% toil, and 10% happiness. Whilst that might appear to be a little bit negative, it does point out that you do need to be resilient, and have a survival kit that will help you through the tough times. This toolkit will do that.

Along with a description of what you need to do, electronic templates will help you get started straight away.


Please click here to look inside the whitepaper.

Product Description

This whitepaper is updated, three to four times a year, by David Parmenter ensuring that it contains his latest thinking. The whitepaper and e-templates are emailed.

Please click here to look inside the whitepaper.

Why you need this toolkit:

  • It will help you with skills to address your personal baggage, utilize the power of visioning, and other personal traits that weren’t taught at school or university.
  • It will guide you to developing a vision for your future, so you have a better chance of getting there (it’s called Treasure Mapping, and it uses NLP).
  • It will help you build a safety net of mentors, safe havens, and regimes that support your health.
  • It will help you address all the hurdles you will face in your current and future workplaces from being bullied to delivering at the top of your game.
  • How to manage your time better, including ‘Why you should eat a frog’ every morning, and why you should allocate time to your rocks.

This toolkit will help you answer the following questions:

  • How do you recruit more successfully?
  • What can I do to limit the damage from my own personal baggage?
  • Why should I adopt scrum meetings?
  • How can I sell change more effectively?
  • What are the three Ts and five rules of  delegation?
  • Why is embracing abandonment so important?
  • What are the cures for a workaholic?
  • Why is a safe haven so important to your career?
  • How do I make time to plan the future?
  • How do I control my emails?
  • How to make my career more resilient?

The E-Templates include:

  • Finding a mentor
  • Evaluating competing job offers
  • Treasure map template
  • 30 rules for a killer presentation
  • Checklist on the personal skills to master
  • 14 great questions to help you recruit ‘A’ players


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