Accredited “Winning KPIs” Coach

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Accredited “Winning KPIs” Coach

USD $1,150.00

Many thanks for your interest in my KPI work.  My latest KPI book  “Key Performance Indicators for Government and Non Profit Agencies” was published in 2012.

I have developed an on-line ‘coach accreditation’ process  using “GoToMeetings”.

The aim of the ‘coach accreditation’ process is for the attendee to have the ability to deliver my material in a workshop environment.

Attendance costs

The cost to attend the six 2 hour sessions is NZ$1,500 plus transaction fees, NZ$2,000 in 2013. In order to achieve accreditation each attendee needs to attend all sessions and then present to me key components of the material during a private one to one session, which is to be held within a fortnight of the last session.

It is essential that attendees demonstrate a strong understanding of the material.


Product Description

Attendance date options

It is important for every attendee to attend the first two sessions on consecutive nights.  After that you can select the sessions that best fit your diary.  You can attend a session twice without additional costs.

1.    Introduction to KPIs
2.    Finding the CSFs
3.    How to find measures from CSFs
4.    Reporting measures
5.    12 step 8 phase process
6.    Myths of performance measurement, implementation lessons

Material available to all accredited coaches to run workshops & courses

  • Marketing material ( course flyers, draft letters, draft emails, etc)
  • One-to-one support from me via web cam before the first sales call to a prospective client
  • Presentation materials (PowerPoints, workshop exercises, checklists etc) which are constantly being updated
  • A two hour consultation over the phone to assist you with the preparation of your first workshop

Benefits of being an accredited coach

  • Revenue from delivery of in-house KPI courses, fees from being a winning KPI external facilitator on KPI projects
  • 10% commission, payable by waymark solutions, of any work that is performed by waymark solutions that has been referred from you
  • Referred work, as David Parmenter is focusing on spreading the word and thus needs facilitators to help organizations with their implementation


Licensing arrangement

David Parmenter will support all accredited coaches by:

1.    using all the skills he has to pass on his understanding of the subject so each coach can be an expert in their own right.

2.    reviewing an articles they are having published

3.    Referring them leads for speaking opportunities

4.    Supplying regular updates covering new IP

5.    Inviting them to attend sessions, as a support facilitator, when he is delivering in their area

Attendance cost of workshop US$1,150 (+GST if within New Zealand), paid via PayPal before course.

16.67% licensing royalty on all gross annual revenues from presenting winning KPI workshops

10% of all “winning KPI” work where the intellectual property provided by me is being used (including facilitating, consulting, contracting and writing) anywhere in the world.

Minimum royalties payable of NZ$1,500 each year – this commences on receipt of certification.  This minimum payment is offset against the royalties due from work performed.

If my whitepaper is required there is a charge of NZ$ 45 per head. Where this is prohibitive we can supply a shorter paper for NZ$ 20 per head

Additional 5% of all gross revenues where the work has been referred to you from waymark solutions.  Enquiries for coaching will be passed on to accredited coaches.

Where you are to deliver a training session as a promotional event for your firm and no fee is to be paid I will charge NZ$300 for use of the intellectual property


Other conditions

  • No firm / individual will be assigned a whole country or region, however, before expanding a region with new certified coaches discussions will be held with existing individuals to create a win/win for all concerned
  • All coaches may continue on promoting winning KPIs, without annual registration, providing they do not use any intellectual property supplied (this point will be rigorously monitored), do not hold themselves to be certified coaches, and do not consult in the winning KPI field for 12 months post exist from certification
  • Coaches are to avoid delivering presentations on topic around David Parmenter’s material to professional bodies where David Parmenter is currently delivering presentations, unless David has given express permission to do so
  • All white papers supplied to KPI course attendees are to be the latest version sourced from David Parmenter

Thank you for your interest in the intellectual property I have developed. I will send you the electronic media you have purchased as soon as I have received confirmation from PayPal.