Working guide: Lean and Smarter Work Methods


Working guide: Lean and Smarter Work Methods

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Around the world, teams are challenging old out of date work methods “other people’s thinking” as Steve Jobs called it, and replacing
this thinking with twenty-first-century smarter work methods. This shortpaper covers; how to Post-it reengineer, scrum meetings, Kanban boards, lean management techniques, and Toyota’s 14 management principles. This shortpaper also explores some of the management lessons I have gathered on my journey to writing The Leading-Edge Manager’s Guide to Success.


Product Description

In this working guide I have extracted some lean and smart work methods gathered from witnessing a number of amazing teams and my research of the writings of the great paradigm shifters (Drucker, Hope, Collins, Hamel, and Peters & Waterman).

It covers techniques that can be adopted from the lean movement, including:

  • Post-it re-engineering of inefficient routings such as: month-end, annual planning, and the annual accounts.
  • Adopting stand-up scrum meetings everyday during the delivery of a project, report, or annual plan.
  • Having a Kanban board for each key process while it is in play.

Examples of lean work methods are also covered, including the 14 management principles of Toyota; which covers their philosophy, process, people and partners, as well as problem solving.


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