Quick Annual Reporting: Auditors sign off within 15 working days post year-end


Quick Annual Reporting: Auditors sign off within 15 working days post year-end

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Save time cost and heartache using this simple guide. This paper covers organizing the audit interface, best practice year-end processes, speeding up data capture from reporting entities, and how to clean up the month-end processes to achieve this goal. This comprehensive whitepaper comes with electronic templates to assist you with implementation. Price in New Zealand Dollars.

Product Description

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Many Corporate accountants have for some time been looking at ways to streamline annual reporting processes.

Annual reporting is seldom an area where the accounting function scores many goals. The annual report is an important regulatory and stewardship requirement.

It should be completed expediently and should not consume scarce accounting resources for inordinately long periods of time. This toolkit will show you that obtaining audit clearance within 15 working days or less is possible by adopting the better practices of your peers which tackle the year-end bottlenecks head on.

Why you should buy this toolkit:

  • You owe it to your team and yourself to be freed from a slow painful and often unrewarding annual reporting process
  • It will introduce you to ‘post-it’ reengineering which will streamline other processes such as monthly reporting and annual planning.
  • You get to tell the CEO you have reduced the costs of the annual reporting process.
  • Improve the efficiency of the interface with external auditors
  • Easy to use templates – which can be in use immediate including comprehensive annual reporting checklist
  • Squeeze out more value from the audit process


Table of Contents


2.Organising The Audit Interface

3.Efficient Year-End Processes

4.Speeding up the Reporting Supply Chain

5.A Quick 12th Month Report – By Working Day 3 Or Less

6.Presenter’s Biography

7.Appendix 1 Useful Letters

8.Appendix 2 Checklist Of Implementation Steps To Reduce Month-End Reporting Time Frames

9.Appendix 3 Month End Bottlenecks And Techniques To Get Around Them

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