An Annual Plan in Two Weeks or Less


An Annual Plan in Two Weeks or Less

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Streamlining annual planning processes so the organization can move across to a rolling planning regime. This paper covers the foundation stones of a quick forecasting and planning process, the processes you need to adopt and how to sell this change to the senior management team. This comprehensive whitepaper comes with electronic templates to assist you with implementation. Priced in New Zealand Dollars.

Product Description

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For a number of years, corporate accountants have been questioning the validity of spending months on an annual planning process which is out of date before the ink has dried. An annual planning process is not worth more than two weeks of effort, so why are we spending months on it?

Companies in Asia, Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand are recognising that the existing annual planning process cannot continue. It has been with us since the Roman calendar was adopted by the West and is now seen by many as a hindrance to management rather than a help. An international survey found that nearly 90% of CFOs were dissatisfied with their annual planning process.

What CFOs and management accountants need to know is how to cut the time out of the existing annual planning process and at the same time prepare the way to managing the business in a more appropriate way – through quarterly rolling forecasting and planning.

Existing annual planning processes; encourage budget holders to be dysfunctional; undermines the reporting regime as the monthly budgets have no relevance, and involves management in a three month period where management are taken away from making money.

This toolkit will explain the two weeks process, the key steps, and show how this will lead to the natural progression of a quarterly rolling planning process (QRP).

Why you need this toolkit:

• To understand how monthly targets (budgets) can be set later

• Understand the foundation stones that radically shorten your annual planning process to 2 weeks

• Apply the checklists and templates designed to help you to implement QRF

• Avoid the common implementation pitfalls

• To help sell change to your management (selling presentation template included).

Table of Contents:


2.The Foundation Stones of an Annual Planning Process

3.Efficient Annual Planning Processes

4.Selling the Change to the SMT, Finance Team and Board

5.Establishing the monthly budgets

6.Budget holders reports

7.Presenter’s Biography

8.Appendix 1 Useful Letters

9.Appendix 2 Streamlining an Annual Planning Process Checklist

10.Appendix 3 Sales Forecast Model

11.Appendix 4 A Suggested Sales Pitch

Please click here to look inside the toolkit.

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